Choose From September Sun Mykonos Yoga Retreat Or Mountainous Adventures With Our Ski / Yoga Retreat Europe

Yoga Retreat Europe

The practice of yoga is an age-old discipline that teaches you to listen to your body, calm your mind and embrace the spirit within. Give yourself the gift of time and space to practice yoga with a trained professional in fun, revitalising environments with Blue House Yoga.

All of our retreats are individually curated with their own unique vistas and benefits. Every retreat will be accompanied by our qualified and explorative yoga instructor, Daniela de Silva, who will be on hand to guide you through daily meditation sessions designed to stimulate your mind and body.

Experience a yoga retreat Europe to truly unwind and rejuvenate yourself. Blue House Yoga specialist instructor, Daniela, is also qualified in CBT. This means she can guide you through many methods to introduce wellness, balance and fun into your life. Our Mykonos Yoga Retreat is the perfect blend of tranquillity and expression with fun and exercise!

Blue House Yoga are also innovators in developing specialised corporate yoga programs. Corporate yoga can take place in your workplace for groups of any size. The bonding experience of yoga is like no other.

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Our Yoga Retreats

Blue House Yoga have made dreams of enjoying a luxurious yoga retreat on an island paradise in Greece or in a snow capped wonderland a reality. A yoga retreat is so much more than just a holiday or an escape, we individually research and curate every aspect of our retreats to ensure that everyone who embarks upon a Blue House Yoga adventure gets the most from their trip.

You can lose yourself in the unparalleled beauty of some of the world’s most striking and unspoiled locations, whilst never being too far removed from fun and local culture. Our Mykonos Yoga Retreat is the ultimate blend of beach, culture and excitement and personal development.Our stunning private villas or reclusive cabins will become your refuge throughout your stay.

Mykonos Yoga Retreat

The newest addition to our schedule is our Mykonos Yoga Retreat. Handpicked to make the most of the September sun, Blue House Yoga’s Mykonos Yoga Retreat is a deluxe delight, compact into a fantastic five days. Train and strengthen your body and mind in the morning and then spend the afternoons freely wandering the iconic destination.

Surround yourself with postcard views of sparkling waters as this golden isle in the middle of the Mediterranean is a diverse and exciting place to visit. Our Mykonos yoga retreat emphasises fantastic local culture and encourages you to explore your spirituality, by whatever means necessary!

Mykonos Yoga Retreat; September 24 – September 29. Enquire today to book your place on this exclusive yoga retreat Europe.

Unique Ski / Yoga Retreat Europe

Our retreats each feature a bespoke yoga regime, designed to coordinate with the rest of the holiday to create a cohesive experience. Our ski / yoga retreat Europe includes sessions to help your body prepare for a day on the slopes, including expanding lung capacity and adjusting the body to high altitudes. Alternatively, our yoga retreats Bali focus on meditation and tranquillity.

All yoga enthusiasts are welcome on our bespoke yoga retreats, regardless of experience or skill level, just a desire to practice mindfulness and contemplate your surroundings is required – as well as a willingness to connect with like-minded individuals and have fun!

Yoga In The Workplace

It’s no secret that employees make up a large part of what makes a business run effectively. Research consistently shows that happy employees are good for business, yet work-related stress costs both employees and businesses money, time and health. Stress is unfortunately unavoidable in life, yet so many of us suffer from it.

Traditional corporate team building exercises like paintballing and escape rooms are lauded as morale-boosting activities that create a shared bond between employees. But the positive aspects of these exercises are often short-term solutions.

To reduce the stress in our lives, we need to tackle it at the source. Our experienced instructor Daniela works with your company’s needs in mind to create corporate yoga sessions that are beneficial for all employees. These sessions can be utilised as long-term solution, but if you prefer a more concentrated experience, consider our yoga retreat Europe options. Daniela has hosted and private European yoga retreats for individual companies; these experiences allow your team to bond and explore together.

Our workplace yoga sessions are tailor made to you and your staff. Designed to be fun and functional, sessions can take place anywhere within your building, even if space is limited. Small offices, canteens and even yoga at your desk are the perfect places to unwind and mentally recharge.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a free trial session so you can see just how beneficial a weekly workplace yoga session can be!