Close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine you wake up the bright glow of the morning sun feeling physical and emotional realignment. You open your eyes and gaze in wonder at the breathtaking landscape spread out before you; majestic mountains, stunning architecture and an emerald blanket of green spread out before you. Welcome to your yoga retreat in Ibiza.

This island is one of life’s dream destinations - a boho, mystical paradise set in the Balearic sea. Could there be a better location on earth to spend time cleansing and strengthening your mind, body, and spirit through the divine practice of yoga? 

Our mission is to facilitate an enriching and powerful experience that will refresh tired spirits, bring calm to frazzled minds, and strengthen bodies - through the awesome power of yoga!

Your Yoga Retreat

No matter what your level of yoga experience or proficiency, Blue House Yoga will provide the kind of expert teaching and guidance that will help you achieve things you never thought you could. The May Yoga Retreat is our special edition with the theme 'Joy' in which the guests are invited directly to participate based in their personalities in order to create the perfect social chemistry and learning process, to learn more about this edition please follow the link: https://bluehouseyoga.co.uk/products/private-yoga-retreats-deposit?_pos=1&_sid=eab334cff&_ss=r

Our retreats are freeform: We have scheduled yoga sessions, but you can indulge in private meditation as well as one-to-one yoga classes to learn new poses, improve your breathing and condition your body. For a total escape in the sun, Ibiza yoga and wellness retreats are the ultimate energising holiday. Request today our itinerary. 

During your yoga retreat Ibiza, you'll be part of a group seeking the unique peace of mind and body that regular yoga practitioners enjoy.

The best time to share your experiences will be over the table at mealtimes. We use delicious, locally sourced ingredients to make our healthy meals and are more than happy to provide vegetarian, vegan and dietary specific meals. Request our full invitation: 

Ibiza Yoga Retreat

By being part of the Ibiza yoga retreat, you’ll stay at the award-winning villa "The Rock" built by Axel Schoenert and the interior designer Zsofia Varnagy. A masterpiece providing luxury while respecting environmental standards utilizing the creation of mixed energy photovoltaic and solar panel, biological swimming pool with filtering by plants and system heating integrated into concrete. 

Designed as an open space, the Rock overlooks the sea and fits perfectly into the theme of Ibiza, idleness, and joy.

Our carefully designed Ibiza yoga retreat guarantees the kind of relaxed, calming atmosphere and surroundings that will motivate you to challenge yourself and attain your personal best. With daily sessions of yoga per day and breathwork you'll soon feel the positive effects, as the inner balance is restored leaving your body and mind feeling relaxed and ready to face life’s challenges. 

We believe in strengthening the physical and mental being and encourage our guests to pursue personal meditation deciding prior to the retreat the main area of their focus -clarity, detox, flexibility, etc. We count with a supporting team of therapists that can help to tailor your experience based on your personal preferences. 

Book today for an unforgettable yoga retreat in Ibiza to help you restore your inner peace and return to center.