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Our Private Events are intimate, limiting a maximum of 7 bookings or no more than 14 participants, therefore if you have your invitation and intend to join is recommendable to secure your place and book your seat in this journey here!

A 50% deposit is required until January 2020, or £900 before January 1st 2020 to confirm your reservation. After receiving your deposit a 'confirmation invoice' will be sent to your email.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Are all events 'invitation only"?

A. No, there are events open to the public online.

Q. What is the main difference between an open and a private event?

A. The main difference is the group dynamics. Invitees are persons that I met and that had at very least two yoga classes or breathwork therapy; in other words, we found affinity and made progress during our interactions. There are many roads to attain wellness, however, the invitees, are exceptionally great candidates to benefit from yoga and breathwork. Finally, to place all these guests in the same environment will promote mutual growth, I am certain.

Q. What if I receive an invitation from a third party?

A. It's because your friend/ spouse/ son thinks you would also benefit from the retreat.

Q. If I am considering to join but I am not able to have a class can I just pay the deposit here?

A. If we never met in person we would both benefit from a Skype session to see if the format of the retreat fits with your expectations and if we are a good mutual match to each other.

Q. Where are the private retreats held?

A. In a secret location! :)
The other theme of the invitation-only format is the privacy of the participants as the 'escape feeling'. Only once the event is finished or sold out more information might be released depending on group preferences.