Your employees represent one of the biggest assets of your company. Research shows that happy employees are not only more productive, but they are also less likely to take days off sick and more likely to go the extra mile for your customers.

It makes sense to ensure that your employees' work environment is kept as stress-free as possible. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. For some employees, stress is a daily factor of their job which can’t be avoided, while others may be suffering from stress caused by factors outside of their control and perhaps their work environment.

You can attempt to control stress and happiness in the workplace using traditional team-building exercises and other participation events. However, the effectiveness of these types of programs can wear off quickly. Team building exercises, in particular, can be an effective tool for boosting morale and lowering stress levels, but they only provide short term relief, with stress levels returning to normal within days. Teaching long-term tools to cope with stress is an investment in your employees.  

Yoga is proven to lower stress levels and improve the mood of participants while producing long-lasting effects. Regular workplace yoga sessions can also help increase core body strength, boost confidence levels and lower blood pressure.

These workplace yoga sessions have proved to help lower sickness levels and reduce back pain in NHS workers and other faculties of staff across the across the UK. It is proven that back pain is a leading cause of disability in the UK, highlighting that anything you can do to reduce the risk and strengthen your staff will benefit both the company and the individual.

Workplace Yoga

At Blue House Yoga, our expert teacher Daniela de Silva can liaise with your company to create bespoke mindfulness and yoga sessions in your workplace. A regular weekly or bi-weekly session can help boost the wellness and productivity of your employees while reducing time spent off sick.

Daniela is an experienced yoga teacher in the corporate field, having designed yoga sessions for a range of companies including large international law firms and independent, start-up media companies. Daniela has worked with companies such as Qatar Airlines, Amazon, Technogym and Princess Cruise Lines to implement corporate yoga sessions and help to boost overall wellbeing of the staff.

Each of our corporate yoga sessions are tailored-made to fit your company's specific requirements, using a blend of key yoga principles and philosophy. A typical session will include both Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga combined with a spirit of playfulness which helps encourage participants of all levels to deepen their knowledge. 

The exact make-up of the session will be determined by your requirements and the facilities available. And don’t worry, we know that most companies don’t have access to a large well-equipped gymnasium, so we have designed our corporate yoga sessions so that they can be practised in staff recreation rooms or canteens. We can even carry out Chair Yoga sessions while your employees are sat at their desks if space is limited.

The benefits to Workplace Yoga are endless, but primarily, it’s a fun investment that brings wellness and communal ground to your professional environment.

For more information about what a regular corporate yoga session can do to improve your staff morale and wellness levels, get in touch with us today. We are always happy to show you the benefits of yoga and we can even arrange a trial session for your company to show you the benefits first hand.

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