Fashion - Social Media- Concept

As a creative consultant, my mission is to assist mission-driven businesses to launch and grow their projects or companies rather as 

  1. Model 
  2. Yoga-Fashion Stylist
  3. Fitness and wellness concept development

Represented by

Mikas Stockholm   (Scandinavia) Elb Models  (Germany) BMA Models (England)

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*Prices for consultancy start from £150 depending on the project type. 

Yoga professionals - Wellness Events

Working with a luxury hotel group I've learned how to implement strategies to provide the best service possible at the highest of standards —No matter the size of your event or ambitions of your establishment, some details are more efficient than others to complete tasks well. 

As a wellness consultant, my mission is to:

  1. Train yoga teachers to deliver signature sessions 
  2. Teach fitness professionals to effectively communicate with their audience
  3. Develop a fitness program and a wellness menu/ itinerary 


Since 2020, Blue House Yoga hosted over 300 hundred online sessions (breathing and yoga). Until and if normalcy returns, many will stick to at-home workouts for their convenience and cost. Despite the convenience, for yoga teachers and organizations, the issue is that people can now find free workout routines IG Lives and Youtube making the online platforms more competitive than ever. Without planning the old formula of streaming zoom classes to your audience is likely to struggle to build community. 

As an online wellness consultant my mission is to:

  1. Create content 
  2. Work with Producers & Production Management teams to determine & revise the content
  3. Assist talents on shoot days
  4. Assist Production Manager