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Yoga aficionados will tell you that every element of your life can be improved by adding the discipline to your day; When you combine the strength and conditioning of yoga with a fun holiday, you’ll certainly feel relaxed by the end of your experience. All of our yoga holidays Europe are designed with you in mind; experience one of the most unique and best yoga retreats Europe has to offer.

Snow and Yoga Retreat

Nestled in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France, our development at Chamonix has something to offer travellers of all types who seek peace in one of the most fulfilling yoga retreats travellers can experience. This location lets you connect with the beautiful forests, wander and hike through staggering peaks and valleys, or enjoy some time to practice your mindfulness whilst in the vista of a pure-white snowbank. 

But it doesn’t stop there.

Our unique setting brings the additional benefits of being located at a high altitude, which has a profoundly positive effect on the area’s air quality. This makes our guided pranayama sessions easier on your body, letting you push your abilities further in a safe space. 

Our skilled instructors can help you limber up for a morning on the slopes - letting you salute the sun and start the day right. They can also provide an invaluable service through helping your cool-down at the end of a strenuous skiing session, encouraging you to avoid the aches and muscle damage that can occur when moving between temperatures! 

Simply put, when it comes to mountainous yoga retreats, the Chamonix area is one of the best places to be and a truly memorable snow and yoga retreat; relaxing with an awe-inspiring ski area.

More Yoga Holidays Europe

Of course, if you and your group want to make your yoga retreat more of an active holiday, we have you covered. Our locations have been hand-picked to cater for groups of all sizes and offers a range of activities to suit holidaymakers of all ages. This can include taking to the peaks on your skis or snowboard, snow-shoe trekking through the wilderness and tackling the challenge of cross-country skiing, or enjoying the sun and fun on the glorious Ibiza beaches,  kayaking on smooth, clear waters and sightseeing – making it easy to see why the Blue House program has continued to go from strength to strength when it comes to yoga holidays Europe.

Our retreats are carefully curated so that visitors can make the most of both the destination and the additional health and well-being sessions from Blue House Yoga; helping you stay relaxed and fighting-fit for the entirety of your visit and ensuring you enjoy the best yoga holidays Europe can provide. 

Our schedule of sessions are always designed to be accessible to all visitors, starting with simple stretches to more challenging, guided lessons. The merging of physical and mental wellness is highly important to us; at Blue House Yoga we are so proud and excited to have established yoga retreats in locations across Europe that reflect this ethos.

But of course, not everything has to be about peace and tranquillity... 

Our unique venues are always located a short distance from nearby towns and excitement, making it perfect for those looking to enjoy some local nightlife or that world-famous après ski. Or - if you’d rather eat with us - we have a comprehensive organic menu with options for vegan and vegetarian diners and cater to those with specific dietary needs. We utilise locally sourced and organic ingredients throughout all of our retreats.

In our winter destinations, if you’re keener on comfort, you can nestle in at our cabin-style accommodations after finishing your session and take in the nearby views of Mont Blanc and its stunning forests, which truly making us the best yoga retreats Europe has to offer. In some of our sunnier spots, a walk on the beach and relaxing by a pool sounds just as rejuvenating. 

If you want to learn more about our complete range of packages and options for some of the best yoga retreats Europe has, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team directly and let us know exactly what you need.