Would A Yoga Retreat Suit Me?

Would A Yoga Retreat Suit Me?

Daniela da Silva

A yoga retreat is a time for self-reflection, meditation and exploration. But it is also a time for fun! We find that yoga retreats are so popular because they are a unique blend of excitement and downtime and they bring together a brand-new group of people. The demands of modern life push people to seek the most out of their holidays and a yoga retreat really is the best of both worlds.

At Blue House Yoga, we receive a lot of enquiries from guests before they book about whether or not a yoga retreat is something they should embark on. We understand your trepidation, but yoga really is a joyful and enlightening experience that can alleviate your general feelings of anxiety. We have put together this post to help address any concerns you may be having, read to find your questions but never hesitate to get in touch with our team!

Can I Go On A Yoga Retreat As A Beginner?

This is perhaps the question we get asked most frequently. We understand your anxiety, but quality yoga instructors will be able to guide a mixed-ability class. There is often a lot of apprehension about embarking upon a yoga retreat as many are concerned that they are reserved for the advanced practitioner. Poses and classes can be tailored to include everyone and all abilities.

More importantly, a yoga retreat is about embracing new skills. One of yoga’s biggest rewards is mastering its challenges. Regular yoga over the course of a week will show you impressive, positive results for your body and mind. We find that our retreats build a micro-community or culture of encouragement and support from all abilities, so if this is your first attempt at yoga or you’re still very new, committing to a week-long yoga retreat might be the best option to accelerate your skills quickly and ensure you reap the benefits of incorporating it in your daily routine.

Everyone Is Welcome!

More recently, the practice of yoga has become stigmatised and stereotyped. We find that women tend to practice more regularly and attend scheduled classes or retreats. Here at Blue House Yoga, we want to discourage any stigma surrounding who can practice the ancient spiritual exercise that was historically a practice only for men.

Gender stereotyping often discourages men from being mindful or engaging in emotional and physical exploration in any form. Avoiding or ignoring sources of stress is a leading cause of mental health deterioration in men. The causes of stress are universal, and yoga can help both men and women detox mentally, emotionally and physically. We teach Pranayama breathing techniques to invite peace into the mind; this technique is scientifically proven to soothe the central nervous system, too.

Flexibility is another concern for men who want to try to learn yoga skills but believe they won’t be able to complete a class. Regular yoga practice and gradually honing your skills will improve your flexibility and physical performance. Classes, poses and stretches can be coupled with breathing techniques to improve muscle elasticity and endurance, too. We find that our male yogis really benefit from their practices and often find it improves their performance in other sports.

Our fully qualified yoga instructor, Daniela, has designed sessions that encourage progress and positivity for the whole group. If you have set personal goals whilst on one of our retreats, you can always book one-to-one classes or engage in private practice.

Yoga is an inclusive, fun activity above all. The only thing you should worry about is which yoga retreat to choose and what to pack!

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