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Integrative Breathwork is one of the most powerful tools to safely access unconscious material thus release mental blocks. This practice supports the immune system and all cells in the body increasing self-esteem, changing patterns of self-limitation, reducing anxiety and tension. It promotes emotional and physical health, and a profound understanding of oneself, others and life. The underlying psychology/philosophies combined in this therapy are CBT, Mindfulness, and Pranayama.  

Thousands of years ago the Yogis discovered the power of the breath. Today it's known that conscious breathing creates optimal conditions for our health. Following a simple pattern of breathing an altered state of consciousness is achieved enabling psychological insights, spirituality, expansion of consciousness and the integration of memories and emotions that goes beyond talk therapy and rationalization.

According to the Yogis, our cellular memory creates suffering in our lives but, most recently, the gap between science and ancient cultures are closing; Harvard University conducted researches founding that trauma causes biochemical markings known as methylation. Impaired methylation can lead to depression, anxiety, fatigue, and vast issues concerning health.

Integrative Breathwork is a way to purify cellular memories promoting profound effects on our state of being.

Each person's process is unique. The therapy allows the wisdom of the body to bring up what is unhealed in us to our attention. It takes us deep within addressing unconscious fears that may distort our perceptions.

By creating a non-ordinary state of consciousness Integrative Breathwork access all the different aspects of the self and practiced within a safe therapeutic setting and proper guidance, it takes the breather into the dimension of consciousness he needs to visit to heal.