Did you want to start intermittent fasting but found it too unencouraging to do it on your own? Join us and a group of like-minded people to start this or reinforce the practice over the weekend in a beautiful setting in Kent, July 17-19th, 2022. 

This 2-day and 2-night retreat is perfect for a person that wants to recharge, detox physically and mentally, and reset their bodies for healthier habits and lighter physique in time for the summer.

We will support you throughout the stay and we have developed a program that will help you keep your mind off food. It is designed to be a pleasurable experience, in beautiful nature surroundings and with the spirit of like-minded group. 

The program will include yoga classes, breathworks, visualisation and meditation, walking in nature. We will also hold discussions on topics including nutrition, longevity, gut health, sleep and mental health – something we all need to improve our overall wellbeing. 

We will share an eating plan to prepare for fasting a week before the retreat and we will break the fast altogether with a light meal on the last day, before going home.

Portuguese Speakers: learn more about fasting on our IGTV videos:

The retreat is ideal for the person who:


  • Wants to start or reinforce a practice of intermittent fasting 
  • Are interested on practicing spiritual fasting (this do not contradicts or reinforce any religion or religious beliefs)
  • If you feel clogged up, foggy and heavy 
  • Wants to increase their energy levels 
  • Enjoys yoga and wants to indulge in morning and evening practices
  • Keen to try or continue breathwork
  • Eager to practice visualisation and meditation 
  • Is looking for a self-care, holistic weekend to recharge 
  • Wants to come along solo or with friends to be with other like-minded people who value taking this time for themselves 

*Please note that experience in any of the practices and physical activities mentioned above is not required and you are free to follow the program as much as you want to. There will be free time for walks and discovery of the surroundings, whether in the group or on your own.  

Your Yoga Practice 

No matter what your level of yoga experience or proficiency, Blue House Yoga will provide the kind of expert teaching and guidance that will help you achieve things you never thought you could. The 48hr Fasting & Yoga Weekend has the theme 'Detox,' if you never tried to exercise in a fasted state before , be ready to surprise yourself with the higher levels of energy that you'll experience. 

Can I practice yoga and exercise during fasting?

Yes, fasting and exercise aren’t only OK; they are optimal for boosting your health and body composition. The key to weight loss and muscle gain is not just calories and exercise but hormone optimisation. Studies confirm the benefits of intermittent fasting alone, but combining fasting with movement takes the benefits of each to a whole new level. Combining the two raises growth hormone and makes you more insulin sensitive, which is the key to staying lean and delaying the ageing process.

Many people wrongly fear muscle loss when exercising fasting, but fasting can assist in maintaining or even building muscle because it increases the human growth hormone (HGH), one of your body’s most important hormones related to building muscle tissue. Super low HGH levels in adults mean less lean muscle mass and more body fat. HGH production is highest during your teenage years, and output wanes as your age. Even your bone density can suffer without it.


Below a yoga session (day 17) of yoga and intermittent fasting WhatsApp & Instagram Support Group Brazilian Edition (30 days Fasting, Breath and Yoga Challenge) 


Blue House Yoga Accommodation

Our locations aim to provide luxury while respecting environmental standards.

Our carefully designed trips guarantees the kind of relaxed, calming atmosphere and surroundings that will motivate you to challenge yourself and attain your personal best. With daily sessions of yoga per day and breathwork, you'll soon feel the positive effects, as the inner balance is restored leaving your body and mind feeling relaxed and ready to face life’s challenges. 

We believe in strengthening the physical and mental being and encourage our guests to pursue personal meditation deciding prior to the retreat the main area of their focus -clarity, detox, flexibility, etc. We count with a supporting team of therapists that can help to tailor your experience based on your personal preferences. 

Book today for detox weekend to help you restore your inner peace and return to centre.


Daniela and Kate,