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An hour of breathwork followed by a tasty vegetarian Persian lunch and tea for a vegetarian feast with starters, main and desert!

Join Jojo (Cook To Care) and Daniela (Blue House Yoga) this December to nurture your body and detox your mind.

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Your Food: Founded by Jojo Sureh in 2020, Cook To Care began as a reaction to the pandemic. Initially set up to support her vulnerable neighbours, the initiative has since grown into a team of 200 volunteer cooks and couriers that provide nutritious meals for 500 households a week. Through their work Cook To Care hopes to unite and enrich their local community, giving a voice to members of the local community in Streatham. There is a strong focus on providing meals that are high quality and nutritious for guests who otherwise would not have the resources.



Your Breathwork Session: Daniela da Silva, the founder of Blue House Yoga, grew up in Brazil but defining her origins is not so linear. Of Japanese descendance and living in London for over twelve years, her interpretation of ‘home’ first changed in 1996 when a fire of still unknown causes burned her place taking her twin baby brothers’ lives– ever since she became less attached to nationalities or addresses. Her lesson was harsh but direct: A house is not necessarily a fragile place but an emotion ready to be felt and unlocked with yoga and breath!




We hope to see you there!