Do you want to move forward and control your negative emotions but feel stuck?

When we feel anxiety, our mind runs 'crazy,' creating intrusive thoughts. We then judge ourselves for feeling this way which is neither helpful. 

It becomes a painful, vicious cycle of shame, hopelessness or defeats day after day. The truth is, sometimes we can't do it alone, and you don't have to feel this way. 

It is possible to move forward, find peace, feel empowered and live your best life.

To search for help it's a sign of strength.

With my private breathing & coaching program, you will receive a personalised approach to developing new behaviours and releasing your blocks, limiting beliefs and fears. To formulate my sessions, I combine ancient wisdom found on yoga and look for answers in psychological theories to predict future human behaviours or events if certain behaviours persist. 

What are psychological theories? They are systems of ideas that explain certain aspects of human thoughts, behaviours and emotions.  


Click bellow to read and watch some of my psychological studies materials and research proposals

A Qualitative Analysis of Online Yoga and Identity

Everything you need to experience peace and live a fulfilling life is within you. Working together on a foundation of trust, I use mindset tools, including body and breathwork, to assist you in moving forward and living the life you desire and deserve.

It's possible and about time to move forward.

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