What To Pack For A Summer Yoga Retreat!

What To Pack For A Summer Yoga Retreat!

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Going on your first yoga retreat and not sure what to pack? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Even if you’re a seasoned yogi but have always favoured a winter retreat, follow this checklist to explore the sun and the soul on your summertime retreat. These essentials will ensure you can achieve maximum relaxation and enjoy every last drop of your yoga retreat!

What you pack for a yoga retreat will depend on the style of break you are booked onto. If your chosen retreat is as much about the yoga experience as it is exploring culture or basking in the sun, don’t worry, you can just chop and change the checklist wherever you feel necessary. Follow this list to make your retreat memorable, whatever your chosen type of sanctuary and personal goals. 

Summer Yoga Kit

  1. Yoga Attire

For retreats that offer two sessions per day, a good general rule of thumb is to bring 1 yoga appropriate outfit for every 1.5 days. So, if you’re on a 5 day yoga retreat, 4 lots will be plenty!  This is because you won’t spend all day in your workout gear if you’re also looking to explore or enjoy the sun. You will likely change into swimwear or something casual to wander around in.

Top Tip: If you are embarking on a more intense program, like Bikram yoga or a blended course of yoga and HIIT workouts, you will want to increase this to 1 workout outfit per day. Don’t worry if you have not got a wardrobe full of yoga gear. Loose pants and tank tops, with appropriate supportive layers, will be perfect. If this is your first foray into yoga retreats, read more on our blog or check out this post if you’re nervous! 

  1. Mats

Enquire with your provider whether you need to bring a yoga mat. Most travellers prefer to bring their own mat to ensure that they can focus during sessions. We recommend packing a lightweight mat and if you’re travelling to and from different sessions, a yoga mat carrier will also be essential!

  1. Towels

You’re more than likely going to be practising in the sun, and whilst that sounds utterly fantastic, you’re going to get warm. A little towel to wipe your sweat will ensure you’re not slipping around on your mat.

  1. Water Bottle!

This is a must for every summer yoga retreat! To replenish and rejuvenate your body, you must stay hydrated. You can carry your personal water bottle to daily sessions, out on excursions or wherever you are. As a bonus, this will also cut down on single use plastics, a big issue for the more touristic retreat destinations. Don’t forget to empty your bottle if you want to carry it through hand luggage on your flight home.

  1. Extra Gear

You might be wondering if you can bring your blocks or straps to use in classes. Normally, a yoga instructor will have planned out the session, but straps can be worked into a lot of poses and positions. Just don’t get too concerned with working them into every session. You will have plenty of time for private practice, too. Straps are also a great option if you are new to yoga or haven’t done a week-long retreat before as they will help prevent overextension.

Summer Clothing

  1. Swimwear!

A couple of items of swimwear will allow you to be flexible with your activities. If you plan on visiting the beach or utilising your venue’s pool, a cycle of 2-3 swimsuits will be plenty for a week in the sun!

  1. Day Clothes

This will depend on your personal goals for the week. If you are looking to go out exploring every day, you will want an outfit per day, but most retreats are super casual. We find that guests love to keep things relaxed and tranquil, hanging out in shorts and tees, light dresses or their swimwear.

  1. Nightwear

Again, this will vary massively. If you are on an austere retreat in Goa, the chances are you’re not going to be touring the local nightlife. However, if you’ve opted for something a little more exhilarating, like a Mykonos Yoga Retreat, sampling the bars is part of the experience and has excellent healing and revitalizing properties! Therefore, you might want to pack a dress or a smarter outfit, but sandals will always be fine!

Top tip: Don’t forget a little cross-body or clutch to keep hold of all your personal items when out letting your hair down!

  1. Something Warm

One jacket or a shawl will be enough for any summer yoga retreat. Mornings and evenings might get chilly and if you want to watch a sunrise or end up talking way into the night with new friends, a shawl or sweater will ensure you stay cosy without ruining the fun!

  1. Footwear

Summer is time for sandals! If you intend on soaking up the rays or just relaxing at the accommodation, you’ll probably find yourself barefoot more often than not. Pack 1 pair or flip flops and 1 pair of nicer sandals that are comfortable and versatile.

If you fancy a run or hitting the gym, pack your trainers, too! If you can, save space in your suitcase and wear them on the flight.

All The Extras

  1. Camera


  1. A Backpack or Day Bag

Double up your carry-on bag and bring a backpack or bag that you’re happy to go off exploring with. Ensure it is big enough to carry your camera and water bottle and perhaps a towel if you’re planning to visit the beach.

  1. Sun Care!

Sun cream is absolutely mandatory! A yoga retreat is all about improving your health and protecting your skin is vitally important! Sunglasses and hats are also strongly recommended! Lip balm is also a good idea.

  1. Your Usual Toiletry Kit

Of course, you should pack all the basics, but a yoga retreat is all about nature and healing your body. Don’t feel the need to pack your heavy make-up kit if you don’t want to. Embrace your sun-kissed skin and go to worship your body and connect with yourself!

  1. A Good Book

You’ll have down time for personal meditation, reflection and relaxation on any summer yoga retreat. But what combines a retreat with a summer holiday better than a good book read on the beach or sun lounger?

A yoga retreat is a fantastic excuse to completely digitally detox, so a good book (or three) will be perfect to keep your mind busy in a healthy way.

What To Leave Behind

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, whatever your chosen type of retreat, a summer yoga retreat is a time to unwind and be at peace with yourself and your surroundings. Natural and casual is always the motto, even if you’re venturing into clubs and bars in the evening. Don’t worry about packing heels, heavy cosmetics or anything you don’t feel is utterly necessary.

A negative attitude and any self-consciousness should be completely abandoned. Remember why you booked your trip; it is your time to focus on healing and tranquillity!

Get in touch with Blue House Yoga to book a retreat this summer or for more information about embarking on your personal yoga journey!



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