What to bring to your ski & yoga retreat!

What to bring to your ski & yoga retreat!

Daniela da Silva4 comments

Packing to our summer yoga retreats can be quite straight forward in comparison with our winter Ski and Yoga Retreat. 

Furthermore, to beat the 15kg airline luggage allowance limit takes a bit of planning. For this reason, bellow I’ve put a list of things to bring and added some tips. 

You'll need:

1. Leggings or something comfortable to do yoga: Three pairs is more than enough, we can wash our clothes as we go.

Tip: I wear my leggings as a base layer, quick-dry material is better for this purpose than lycra for instance. 

2. Ski socks: These are important– especially the ones you wear in your ski boots.

Tip: Some find they can get away with well-fitting, everyday socks in their boots. Either way, you’ll need a few pairs.

3. Ski gear: I recommend 2 sets of layers (leggings, I repeat, will do :)) one to wear and one to wash. A basic skiing kit contains thermal layers (fleeces or thin lambswool jumpers you can wear on top of one another to keep warm), waterproof but breathable ski trousers 1 or 2 max ski gloves, goggles, sun glasses (optional), and your ski helmet.

Tip: For an extra 8-10€ you can rent your helmet with your equipment.

Ready for yoga! After our morning session I slip on my ski gear! No time to waste, but choose quick dry lines!

4. Sunscreen and lip balm: Up in the mountains the atmosphere is thinner, and the effect of any sunshine in magnified by the reflective power of the snow. Lip balm is important too – because lips dry out very quickly in the dry mountain air.

Alice multitasking in the Alpes: Ski+Yoga+Getting a face tan! 

5. Ski jacket: Worth mention that it must be water and wind proof. Some brands design clothes inspired by sports but without appropriate technology. Plenty of jackets 'look like' they are design for a skiing but are only fashion trends, buy from specialised stores/ lines. 

Tip: Better to be wearing your ski jacket on the plane; make sure you make the most of its useful pockets in which you can store wallet, phone, boarding passes and passport.

6. Walking boots: Choose waterproof, non-slippery, same as above with the jackets sometimes is better to be sure than sorry. I learned to check shoe labels in a hard way, years ago when I started to run and injured my knees by wearing cute wrong trainers....that looked like running shoes!

Tip: You’ll be wearing it on the plane too, although slightly heavy it's important to bring one, trainers etc. are not so useful walking in the snow.

This jacket is also a handbag with many secret pockets! and actually the ski boots can be sort of fashionable :)

7. Pack fewer ordinary clothes than normal: We’ll be in your ski clothing every day from morning, to 4pm in the afternoon – maybe after 4pm most of the group find a apres-ski bar (In these days we can delay our restorative practice for 1 hour!). So we’ll only be wearing ordinary clothing for a fraction of the normal time. Pack one spare pair of trousers, no more than a couple of jumpers, and a few t-shirts and tops. A shirt/ nice top and jeans is as smart as it gets in a ski holiday.

Last night of our retreat we decided to dine out.

8. Pyjamas and slippers: Slippers are another detail; in the chalet it’s better to leave shoes at the front door.

9. Winter hat.

10. Swimming costume: In event you want to check out the spa which is a short walk from out venue.

Spa day, beautiful setting with Lisa and Adele 

In addition....

A flask will save you some money if you drink lots of coffee; although is true that stopping in a mountain restaurant for a hot chocolate or a coffee is one of the great pleasures of a day on the slopes. But if you want to keep 5-10€ a day a flask is an option. I’ll bring mine :)

And a nice book. We have a inviting reading area overlooking Mont Blanc and also some books for the days you feel like staying in and although there’s some options in the house I would recommend you go bring a novel. 

I hope this is helpful but if I missed anything drop a comment bellow and Samastitihi x


Daniela xoxo




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