Transitioning from Liforme to Lakshmi Yoga Mat

Transitioning from Liforme to Lakshmi Yoga Mat

Daniela Silva

Hi guys, 

Following the last Vlog on Lakshmi Yoga Mat - Sandy Rose!  find some more details and let me know if you have questions. 



Expect me to update this post in: 

  • One week
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  • Three months 

This is a review of my new yoga mat. I am now having a break from my beloved Liforme, so expectations are HIGH! But...I am already in love with my Lakshmi Yoga Mat - Sandy Rose! 

Despite the similar superior quality, there are some easy points to make (please return for more reviews, I am just opening it today –March 22th) 

Looks: I prefer Lakshmi design 

Price: £85 Lakshmi x £104.95 Liforme 

Ethical: Yes, both

Colours:Lakshmi has a smaller selection but more beautiful shades

Some facts


Exceptional cushioning

The 4mm of natural rubber ideally supports your body, takes good care of your knees, provides good cushioning for your back in the savasana pose or while lying for long meditation and makes your ABS workout more pleasant for your spine too.

Natural rubber and wet absorbent PU

185cm x 68cm x 4mm

  • longer and wider than a standard size mat
  • pro-performance, non-slip technology
  • laser engraving
  • PVC-Free
  • Comes with carrier strap 

Liforme Original Yoga Mat 

  • Patented Alignment System
  • Non-slip
  • Eco-friendly and Biodegradable
  • Comes with carrier bag
  •  4.2mm thick

Why I love it so far: 

It's ethically made, minimun, minimum, almost no plastic is used to fabricate this mat! 

Before deciding on your mat, always consider: 

  • Diameter: If it's too skinny, it can be uncomfortable/unpleasant. Too thick, and you'll compromise your connection to the ground (literally- not metaphorically this time ;) and damage your wrists when practising inversions e.g. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog)  Mats range from about 1/7 inch to 1/5 inch. 
  • Material: Above all, pay more for eco-friendly alternatives, such as recycled rubber or cork– it's a safe investment :)
  • Grip: Traction will affect confidence performance, preventing slipping. A good grip is everything I came to learn...
  • Easy clean: The intention is to both lie-down and relax as letting the sweat drip on top of it at any giving opportunity, so you better off buying something that will not absorb smells easily, please! 
  • Weight: Trick one...I have a light, inexpensive one that A. I can forget at the park without freaking out, and B. I can carry around without feeling that it is too heavy on my shoulders. So... heavier mats are often better- as long as you don't have to commute with it in the London Underground or in a Ryanair Flight (let's be optimistic and imagine we can actually do these things!)

I hope you enjoy your mat!



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