The Best Yoga Retreats Around The World

The Best Yoga Retreats Around The World

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Ibiza is an extraordinary paradise destination for a yoga retreat. The entire island oozes chi and spirituality, but if you are looking for the best yoga retreats away from the beaten track or a more unique experience, read through our list of destinations you might never have considered. Our list boasts breaks that will rejuvenate your soul through the practice of yoga as well as the tried and true therapy of fun!

Magical Mountains

Continual yoga improves your range of motion and strengthens the body, so what is a more perfect warm up to a day of skiing? Of course, snow capped mountains are an idyllic tranquil backdrop for a yoga retreat, and crisp, cold alpine air is perfect for practicing pranayama breathing. Some boutique retreats now encourage their guests to embrace the excitement and energy of a ski resort. Typical ski resorts feature everything from dancing on tables, cabin-style accommodations with luxury amenities such as saunas and spas and fantastic exercise on the slopes! Blending these activities with yoga practice allows visitors to express their energy whichever way they choose. Exploring your spirituality can come in many mediums, working alongside a qualified professional can help you understand your behaviours as well as strengthening your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Greek Delights

Greek Island Retreat

The Greek islands are fairy-tale destinations. You’ll be surrounded by sparking waters, diverse landscapes and rich, inviting cultures so specific and individual to each island throughout your stay. Retreats on these paradise islands can range from secluded, extravagant escapes to private islands or a blend of yoga and authentic culture with retreats on major islands such as marvellous Mykonos.

The best yoga retreats on Greek islands provide the perfect way to explore quaint towns and experience a fantastic culture, whilst continuing to discover and practice self-improvement through yoga. Classes can take place with views of sun kissed beaches or a sea of white buildings hugging the cliffs, but the biggest lure has got to be the food! Make sure you pick a retreat that prioritises local foods, as there is nothing quite like freshly prepared Greek salads or the best seafood in the world.

Blue House Yoga will be retreating to the popular town of Mykonos for an enriching break. Rest assured, the itinerary will be flexible and provide plenty of time to discover the popular Greek isle in the heart of the Mediterranean! Dates are from September 24 – September 29, call to book your place now!!

Sustainable Detoxes

If you use yoga to reduce your stress or combat anxieties but want to enjoy a concentrated bout of classes, a detoxing retreat might be for you. Couple your pursuit of yoga and improved mental health with sustainable living, for a futureproofing retreat for both the environment and your own emotional wellbeing. Challenge yourself to a traditional cleanse in Goa, India where you can trade your technology for views of the Arabian sea. Alternatively, if you’re not a traveller, you can attend stronger detoxes here in the UK. Buried in rural surroundings, you will be committing to juice fasting, vegan meals and completely sustainable living throughout your stay. These yoga classes are for novices looking for a slow-paced introduction to the practice or for yogi’s looking for an introduction to vegan living or concentrated stress detox.

There is a yoga retreat for everyone. In our opinion, the best yoga retreats facilitate more than just yoga.  They are a blend of culture, adventure, exploration and fun but with plenty of opportunities for personal reflection and individual pursuits. When this is accompanied by a fully qualified instructor who is adept at working in collaborative environments, you are sure to achieve your personal goals!



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