Sustainable Yogic Growth

Sustainable Yogic Growth

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One of the most controversial traits in my personality is my hyperactivity. I generally don't experience subtle warnings of fatigue nor the desire to sit down or go for a walk. Instead, I keep going until my entire body starts to ache as if I had been in a boot camp or I go to bed at night planning to read a few pages but pass out in such a deep sleep that if someone rings the bell, or if a thunderstorm starts in the middle of the night I wouldn't have a clue.

Given that I am a yoga instructor most find this rather strange! Nonetheless in my experience, most people that I know (including myself) do not practise yoga because they are 'calm', but because they are almost neurotic (just kidding) and they are searching to find something that will give them a little break from thinking, planning, dealing, succeeding etc. while they are still moving! (Don't ask us to 'just' be still, give us 'no choice' but be still)

I am sharing this prior to introducing a new timetable to your Online Yoga Membership which has considerably fewer classes. After long consideration, I took a sincere look at my model and concluded that if I wanted to keep the virtual studio open, a slower pace would be required.

Despite having over 70 different practitioners popping in for classes from April until the beginning of August, life, as we know, started to happen again, therefore, relationships required our dedication, work began, the restrictions eased out, summer arrived and the predictable 'dropouts' started to occur. This combination of events left me with a small group of yogis, who connected religiously three to four times a week (hence my number), all very committed to our classes and also keen on my teaching style (thank you). Together we improved the strength and flexibility of our bodies and souls. For those as for myself, I am returning the activities.

Apart from the number of classes, what is different now is that your membership is 'per household', not per person, and twice a month you can invite a friend to practice with us. Students and also those whose income and mental health were affected by COVID have concession and can easily apply for a discounted rate. Just drop me an email ( with the subject concession. There will be no deep questions asked. 

At the start of this program, 10 weekly classes were available, but upon my return to work as a Yoga Specialist at Aman, travels, family and side hustles my drive to keep all my commitments (modelling, breathwork therapy, private teaching) start to prove overly ambitious and I had to admit that I was biting more than I could chew (again) so I pressed pause. With the new schedule, I am confident that things will be sustainable again.

Finally, I have to address Ganesh in the room, as you might have noticed that despite fewer activities the monthly fee remains the same; for what I can only say that I am sorry and understand if you think that this is unreasonable and want to stop your membership. Indeed, there are reliable platforms that offer thousands of classes a week (yet, we can't practice all of them I am afraid) for half of my fee. But again, what I initially set myself to create was a personal service as yoga should be (traditionally the student and teacher must have a relationship for the practice classify as yoga, and as you know, I am always up for that! ) that offers dept over quantity.

In the first paragraph, I described my hyperactivity as controversial, while some think of it as 'plain bad', I perceive it with gratitude because at the end of the day it makes work a little bit harder on my passions and that cannot be a bad thing. Yet, I am striving to take easier (ish) so at the end of the week, my body might feel as if I am a yoga teacher and not as if I am training to audition for American Ninja Warrior (LOL).

PS. Do you know what was voted the most popular class?

Slow Vinyasa Flow




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