How To Have A Healthy Work / Life Balance

How To Have A Healthy Work / Life Balance

Daniela da Silva

Modern life imposes more stress than ever before, as we find ourselves unable to implement boundaries between our work and home lives. It is important to establish a healthy work life balance in order for us to lead well-rounded and fulfilled lives.

We think it would be easy not to work, but actually psychological studies and therapists highlight that we need to work to emotionally and mentally support our home life, too. In this post, Blue House Yoga is going to look at which techniques should be considered for finding balance as measured by the Hierarchy Of Needs. Generic self-care activities such as pampering, digital detoxes and exercise are recommended across the web to introduce balance into your life. Our post looks at strategies and techniques that will implement long-term improvement to your work life balance and real positive change rather than quick-fixes.

CBT and Yoga

Yoga is an ancient and well-recognised method for managing life’s daily stresses. Continued practice improves self-awareness and invites mindfulness which will help organise the priorities of your life.

However, to effectively tackle the origin of your stress and to implement long term positive improvement in both your workplace and home life, consider CBT. CBT is an educational and explorative approach that engages with and amplifies the principles of yoga; emotional wellbeing, cognitive thoughts and physical sensation.

Blue House Yoga instructor Daniela De Silva is a comprehensive wellness tutor. Daniela is qualified with distinction in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and can help you find balance and harmony in your life. This holistic approach to therapy is tried and true and can be combined with a yoga regime that enhances CBT. The collaborative combination of techniques enables the individual to target both the symptoms of anxiety as well as the root causes of the stress.

CBT is the most effective method for managing anxiety whilst yoga rejuvenates the individual. This means you will have the tools to reduce the affect of workplace stresses as well as the impression of more time to tackle hectic modern lives with a more positive attitude. Utilising this strategy, your quality of life will be vastly improved.

Health In The Workplace

Ensuring you have a healthy work / life balance is the responsibility of the individual as much as the employer. In fact, employers who promote mental and emotional harmony and flexibility in the workplace boost their team’s motivation, productivity and retention. Studies have shown that employers who offer flexible working benefit from a 75% reduction in recruitment costs and sickness absence rates also fall by 25%. It was reported this week that a New Zealand company that have trialled a four-day work-week have seen “no downside” and every aspect of the business has improved.

This is a result of individuals being able to manage their own time and incorporate self-care to boost mental health and refresh the body and mind. It is important to remember that work is just as important as life; it installs purpose and also provides a sense of importance and belonging. Often, it can also be used to structure our lives (even with flexible working hours) and provides stability, which is required for achieving self-actualisation or one’s full potential on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

If it is not possible to have flexible hours in your workplace, consider requesting team building activities that will boost social satisfaction as well as the feeling of belonging to a group. Studies show that companies that provide team-building activities have an 85% improvement in internal communication, increased creativity and employee satisfaction. This is because the activities invite social engagement and reduce stress from the workplace. Alternatively, set aside time to learn a new skill or something in your routine that is mentally fulfilling. This will stimulate your cognitive, esteem and perhaps aesthetic needs, depending on your chosen hobby. Yoga and CBT can teach you how to perceive this as a way to relieve stress rather than another item on your to-do list.

To bring corporate yoga into your workplace, or to find out more about how our comprehensive wellness and yoga instructor can help you implement a healthier, harmonious lifestyle, get in touch with us today.


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